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Yennora aluminum recycling


Yennora Recycling is dedicated to offering you the best price for your aluminium scrap metal. Aluminium is a highly-sought after metal that can be recycled and repurposed to make new products. Malleable, durable, and boasting incredible tensile strength, industries in Australia need this precious metal in enormous quantities.

Yennora copper wire recycling sydney


Yennora Recycling has been a copper scrap metal recycler for decades now. As one of the pioneers in this industry we have perfected the art of sorting through scrap, finding value and repurposing scrap copper to create new copper products. Copper is just such a versatile metal used in almost every industry.

steel metal recycling


Yennora Recycling provides a Sydney-wide collection and recycling service. Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry or have scrap from site clearance and demolition projects our team of collectors are on hand to collect metal scrap. We have one objective and goal here at Yennora Recycling and that’s to make sure that as little scrap metal (if any!) ends up in landfills.

scrap and metal waste recycling


Yennora Recycling collects and recycles ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal from businesses, households and construction sites. We pay competitive rates for all unwanted recyclable metals. For decades we have been the leading scrap metal recyclers in Sydney. As pioneers we are fully accredited, compliant and licensed. Our operations are sustainable and in the best interests of the environment.

car rims recycling


Yennora Recycling is Sydney’s leading metal recycling firm. Established and operating in and around the state for many decades now, we are among the pioneers in the industry. As such our commitment to sustainable metal recycling solutions is rock solid. And our prices for scrap metal unbeatable. As pioneers we are fully accredited, compliant and licensed. Our major goal here at Yennora Recycling is to reduce the amount of scrap metal filling our landfills.

Why Yennora Recycling?

Yennora Recycling prides itself on reducing landfill waste while providing you with competitive prices for your unwanted scrap metal.
Yennora copper recycling sydney

We’re Eco-Friendly

Yennora Recycling is a fully accredited and licensed recycling company committed to sustainable operations.

We’re Innovative

We stay ahead of the game by using only the latest processing technology designed for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Best Value For Scrap

We offer you unrivaled value for money for your scrap metal. Our free assessments will help you determine how much your scrap is worth.

Yennora Copper Recycling setting an example in the Recycling Industry in Sydney.
We will give you a price on whatever you got!