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Yennora Copper Recycling is dedicated to offering you the best price for your aluminium scrap metal in sydney. Aluminium is a highly-sought after metal that can be recycled and repurposed to make new products. Malleable, durable, and boasting incredible tensile strength, industries in Australia need this precious metal in enormous quantities.

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Yennora Copper Recycling has been a copper scrap metal recycler for decades now. As one of the pioneers in this industry we have perfected the art of sorting through scrap, finding value and repurposing copper scrap metal to create new copper products.
Copper is just such a versatile metal used in almost every industry.

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Yennora Copper Recycling provides a Sydney-wide collection and scrap metal recycling Sydney. Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry or have scrap metal from site clearance and demolition projects our team of collectors are on hand to collect metal scrap.
We have one objective and goal here at Yennora.

About Us

Imagine being paid for being a responsible citizen, for tidying up once in a while and getting rid of scrap. 

Now stop imagining, because Yennora Copper Recycling Sydney does just that! We pay you for your metal scrap. 

Ours is the only company you need to think of when you hear “scrap metal collection and metal recycling Sydney.”

Whether you’re a corporate entity or household looking for ways to get rid of scrap in an eco-friendly way, we’re the answer. 

We even provide pick-up services to make life easier for you. We collect the scrap metal and handover your cash. Simple.

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We provide an honest and transparent service.

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Locally-Owned 100% Australian owned and operated.

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You’ve got scrap? We want it!


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