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Yennora Recycling collects and recycles ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal from businesses, households and construction sites. We pay competitive rates for all unwanted recyclable metals. For decades we have been the leading Liverpool Scrap Metal recycling yard. As pioneers we are fully accredited, compliant and licensed. Our operations are sustainable and in the best interests of the environment.

About scrap Liverpool recycling Yard

To obtain a quote, simply give a call and we’ll ask you a few lead questions to establish the potential worth of your scrap metal. One of our goals is to give you the best returns for your scrap metal. In addition, we offer free pickup services near scrap Liverpool recycling yard.

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We provide an honest and transparent service.

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Locally-Owned 100% Australian owned and operated.

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You’ve got scrap? We want it!

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Don’t Bin It. Get it to Metal Recycling Liverpool. Get Cash for It.

Whether you’ve got ferrous (iron) or non-ferrous (aluminium, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel or zinc) metals in need of collection, we’re the right team to call. Our major goal here at Yennora Recycling is to reduce the amount of scrap metal filling our landfills. Most scrap metal can be repurposed and used to make new products. Our metal recycling Liverpool  yard allows us to offer clients tailor-made solutions. So if you have scrap you’re about to dispose of, don’t bin it, recycle it. Contact us for a free assessment.

If you’re working on industrial and commercial construction and demolition projects we would like to hear from you. These sites often need constant scrap metal removal at regular intervals. Yennora Recycling can partner up with you to establish a scrap removal schedule. We’ll not only clear the metal but pay you for it. Yennora Recycling, we’re all about helping you get the best dollars from Scrap Metal Liverpool.

Yennora Copper RECYCLING

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How much do you get paid?

We pay competitive market prices for any and all scrap metal. We take into consideration the latest market prices so you get the best returns from your scrap metal. We have an honesty policy that ensures that you get a fair assessment. You’d be hard pressed to find a better offer than ours. Get in touch with our scrap Liverpool recyclers and get paid for your scrap. Our pickup services also available in Liverpool.

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